World War II Reenactment Group
9th Soviet Guards
Field Reports

                                                                          11 November 1943

We consisted of Senior Sergeant Miller. Corporal Carey. Privates Davis, Dillmeier, Buindo, and Wacker.

We began the day as the 3rd squad to enter the fight and quickly deployed along the wood line with
our sniper watching the enemyclosely. We encountered light resistance and they were quickly taken
care of. We then moved through and deployed in a ravine along the other side of the woods. We quickly moved to support the main force onthe flank and then moved out to defensive positions in the wood
stacks. Along the way to the wood stacks, we saw a German convoy andengaged them. They were taken care of and we then took up positions in the wood stacks. We received orders to moved along the road and securethe choke point which was also the Guards rear flank. We then movedout towards the town to regroup and reinforce the 193rd Rifle Division.

We were deployed to the left flank of the town and quickly encountered resistance from the barn while we took up positions along the stone walls. We had stayed there laying down fire and watching the flanks until the threat ahead was eliminated.

After that, we deployed along the well area and laid down a smoke screen but were then ambushed by automatic fire from the woods on the left. Retreat was necessary.

After regrouping, the First Squad moved into the woods on the left flank of the bridge and encountered expected resistance. We slowly made our way along the trail only stopped to asses the situation. I ordered the soldiers forward and Captain Dorian and his men moved with them. Captain Dorian stepped on a mine and we took heavy casualties but reinforcements arrived soon after. We continuously assaulted the bridge with little to no effect. After a smoke screen was laid down, we moved in for the attack and got very close and took heavy casualties. Being battered and beaten, we retreated for a rest and to participate in a larger assault.

After passing out smoke to everybody, we laid down a heavy smoke screen and participated in a concentrated mass assault on the bridge to try and take it once and for all. We encountered very heavy automatic fire and stiff resistance. We retreated to a much needed break.

We moved out into the corn field to hide our movements and in the confusion, we were broken up. When we moved from the corn field to the woods, we quickly regrouped and engaged the Germans in the woods and the edge of the wood line. The resistance was too very and the cover too limited to advance any further without reinforcements and more firepower. It never came so we retreated. With the Squad Leader wounded, the First Squad was on it's own and they advanced without him
to attack the bridge and surrounding areas.

Now for the actual AAR. I want to thank everybody who was in my squad for working very well together and accepting me and their commander. You all performed efficiently and very effectively. Thanks to Chad for keeping a close watch on the enemy and finding alternate paths through the woods. Thanks to Mike for carrying the munitions for the entire day. Thanks to Jim for carrying the heavy weapon. Thanks to Vinny for being Vinny. And finally, thanks to Vivian for performing as though she had been with us since the beginning. It was a great day. We all stayed together and eliminated many Fascists. Lastly, thanks to the squad for accepting my command and to Dave for letting me command them.
                                                                                 Senior Sgt. Miller