Formed on September 18th,1941, the 9th Guards Rifle Regiment was assigned to the 3rd Guards Rifle Division. The 9th Guards fought in the swamps east of Leningrad through the winter of 1941 - 1942, mostly under the 54th Army. In February 1942 it became part of the 4th Guards Rifle Corps.
in the Leningrad Front, where it remained through the summer.
In the fall of 1942, the 9th Guards went into the STAVKA Reserves and was moved south. It was recommitted as part of the 2nd Guards Army in the expanding offensive after Stalingrad, and remained in that Army for the rest of the war.
The 9th Guards took part in the Liberation of the Donbas and the Crimea, and in late 1944 the advance into the Baltic States that cut off the Germans in Courland from East Prussia. The 9th Guards ended the war in the Zemland Group, in 11th Guards Rifle Corps. in the 2nd Guards Army.
9th Soviet Guards
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