Basic Uniform and Gear:

1.   Uniform Tunic, Model 1943 (M43)
2.   Uniform Trousers / Breeches, (M43)
3.   "Pilotka" Sidecap
4.   1 1/2" Brown leather belt with single-prong roller buckle
5.   Soviet M40 Helment
6.   1 or 2 Russian or Russian-style ammo pouches
7.   Russian army flask (Canteen and cover)
8.   "Sah-poh-GIH", Russian jack boots
9.   Infantry field shoulderboards for M43 tunic
10. Large long-handled metal or wooden spoon
11. Entrenching tool and cover
12. 3 pocket WW2 style F1 (Pineapple) grenade pouch (NO  2 pocket F1 pouches)
13. Russian WW2 style Rucksack
14. Greatcoat (M35 or M43 styles)
15. Russian WW2 style mess tin
16. Russian WW2 style shelter-half
17. Russian WW2 style gasmask bag
18. Soviet Winter padded jacket and trousers
19. Soviet Winter fur cap, "Ushanka"
20. Russian or German Winter boots (Difficult to find)

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9th Soviet Guards
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