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  Welcome to the home of the 9th Soviet Guards. The 9th Soviet Guards is a family oriented, reenactment group based in the Mid-Atlantic States. We are committed to the preservation of history and the memory of the Red Army soldiers by portraying the lives and the war encounters of the 9th Soviet Guards against the German forces during World War II.
  This site and it's members sole intent is to keep history alive and to honor the men and women that fought for their freedom in WW II. We are not connected or have any ties with the Communist party or anyother such groups. We do not preach hate nor do we condone it.
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  We embrace History as part of a common past and remember the soldiers that fought in the Great Patriotic War from 1941 to 1945.  
  After 20 years of alliance between the two nations, Nazi Germany launched Operation Barbarosa, a surprise assault against the USSR in 1941. The Red Army suffered great loses but persevered in the end with the capture of Berlin in 1945. 

So come and join us and relive history.
9th Soviet Guards
9th Soviet Guards - Bedford, PA 2007
Comrade Buttsky - Whitehall, PA 2006